Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reasons why you should Detox now!

Here are 20 reasons why you should detox your body today!

1. Helps Ward Off Future Diseases

Doing a body detox will help you ward of any future diseases. There is nothing better for prevention than getting rid of toxins in the body. Many of today’s common diseases are related to environmental pollutants. By detoxifying, the body can let go of these harmful chemicals, thus increasing the immune system’s ability to function properly.

2. Cleans out your colon

Following a colon detox program will help remove excessive mucus and waste from your digestive tract. As soon as you begin a body detox, you will notice a lightness in your intestinal tract. Your bowel movements will also begin to improve and you will be relieved of excess bloating and gas.

3. Lose Weight

Detoxing can also help you let go of any extra weight you are carrying. The body has a natural fat-burning mechanism. Oftentimes, toxins lodged in the system can actually block the body’s natural ability of removing fats.

4. Reduce Pain

Crystallized toxins are one of the most common causes of pain. Getting these toxins out of your body, will help reduce the amount of pain you may be experiencing.

5. Eliminate Some Medications

Many of our common ailments are directly related to toxins in the blood. By removing them, it’s not uncommon for many people to of these common complaints, such as headaches, migraines, cramps, etc., no longer needed pharmaceutical treatment.

6. Naturally Boost Your Metabolism

Following a body detox program will help help increase metabolism in your body. Once you start losing weight and cleaning out your intestinal tract, your body will be able to digest foods at a more efficient pace. You metabolism will naturally rise.

7. Aligns us with Natural Rhythms of the Earth

Most animal species go for months in a state of fasting and purging. This process helps to keep our system functioning at optimal levels. This is why animals in the wild never have chronic diseases.

8. Increases Absorption of Nutrients

When your digestive tract is clogged with excessive waste, it can be hard for all of the nutrients in your food to be absorbed. Doing a body detox will help clean out the excessive waste in the colon, thus increasing the absorption rate of vitamins and minerals in the food we eat.

9. Eliminates Body Waste

We all eat, therefore we all produce some sort of waste. Doing a colon detox will help clear out all the excessive waste that may be trapped in your intestinal tract, or other areas of you body.

10. Boosts Vitality & Energy Levels

Everyone who detoxes notices a feeling of lightness. They get more energy which allows them to complete everyday errands with renewed enthusiasm.

11. Purifies the Liver

The liver is where dangerous toxins are metabolized. With 300 different chemicals rushing to the liver, it is no wonder that this is the organ that suffers the most. Doing a body detox can help ease the amount of work the Liver has to do. There are also many ways to detox your liver.

12. Increases Mental Clarity

After completing a body detox, many people feel as if “a fog has lifted”. Not only do you get more energy after a detox, but you also think faster and keep their focus for longer.

13. Gives Skin a Healthy Glow

It’s a well known fact that the skin is the largest organ. Beautiful, radiant skin is the first sign that you have removed toxins from your system. After completing a body detox, you will notice your skin clear up, and blemishes start to fade away.

14. Adds Years to Your Life

Studies have shown that toxic residues in the system can increase your chances of getting cancer, obesity, and many other disease that can lead to an earlier death. If you get those chemicals out of your body, you can literally add years to your life.

15. Slows the Process of Age-Degeneration

As the body removes toxins from the system, cells can get more nourishment. The more nourished our cells, the more we appear young and vibrant.

16. Boosts the Immune System

Detoxing boosts the immune system, helping protect us from everything from the common cold to cancer.

17. Helps you sleep better

Once you get all the dangerous toxins out of your body, you will start to notice a drop in many negative symptoms you may be experiencing. This will help you get a better nights rest, and allow your body the necessary sleep it needs to start the next day off strong.

18. Improves Your Hair

After completing a full body detox, you will notice the your hair become shiner and healthier. Just like the improvements in your skin, you will notice an improvement in your hair.

19. Positive Healing Effect on the Emotions

Many people believe that detoxing your body gives you the opportunity to “go within” and heal many emotional issues that may be on your mind. Not only will you notice improvements in the way your body feels, but you may also feel a renewed sense of clarity.

20. Reduces Bad Breath

If your intestinal tract has excessive waste, or you frequently experience constipation, then it’s very possible that you may sometimes have bad breath. This is because sometimes bad aromas could be lingering in your digestive system. Following a colon detox is just one of many bad breath remedies you can try.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why do we need to detox?

Because two of the main functions of our liver are in detoxification and fats metabolism, by lightening the toxins load that our livers need to clear, more effective fat metabolism can be carried out by the organ, keeping us light and healthy.

Additionally, by getting rid of toxins that tend to accumulate in our tissues and fats over time, we eliminate the breeding grounds for harmful bacteria which will, otherwise multiply and adversely affect all the tissues and organs in the body as they get circulated in the blood, inflammatory and undesired health conditions and beauty problems can be minimized.

Who Is Best Suited for Detoxification?

Almost everyone needs to detox, cleanse themselves, and rest their body functions at times. Cleansing or detoxification is one part of the trilogy of nutritional action, the others being building, or toning, and balance, or maintenance. With a regular, balanced diet, devoid of excesses, we will need less intensive detoxification. Our body has a daily elimination cycle, mostly carried out at night and in the early morning, up until breakfast. However, when we eat a congesting diet higher in fats, meats, dairy products, refined foods, and chemicals, detoxification becomes more necessary. Who needs to detoxify and when is based in part on individual lifestyle and needs.

More common toxicity symptoms include headache, fatigue, mucus problems, aches and pains, digestive problems, "allergy" symptoms, and sensitivity to environmental agents such as chemicals, perfumes, and synthetics. People who experience these and others on the list may benefit from diet changes or avoidance of the drug or agent that may be influencing the symptom. It may be important to differentiate allergic symptoms from those of toxicity to determine the appropriate medical care

--the following article are taken from www.healthy.net. Written by Elson M. Haas, MD